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Singapore Pools Launch E-Betting Slips App to Save Paper

2018-10-12 PAGE Collection

Singapore Pools has released a new mobile app that allows bettors to fill out betting slips without paper and pen to catch up with the digital age and reduce paper usage.

The eBetslip app, which is available to download on Android and iOS platforms offers an alternative to bettors who prefer to buy physical betting slips. But bettors still have to proceed to a terrestrial Singapore Pool outlet after filling out the e-betting slip, scan the QR code and place their bets.

Singapore Pools pointed out that unlike the existing registered users of its mobile app launched in 2016, where users are allowed to access online betting services and purchase gaming tickets, eBetslip app does not require an account or any personal information from the users.

After the bettors filled out the e-betting slip, the app will generate a unique QR code for each slip, where the bettors need to scan it at one of the outlets, make payment and receive a paper betting ticket for bet marked.

Bettors are allowed to use the same e-betting slip for Toto and 4-D.