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Spectrum: China Tightens Grip on Streamed Games in China.

2018-12-05 PAGE Collection

A new report released by the Spectrum Gaming Group indicates that streamed online games are likely to face greater regulation due to the authorities’ increase scrutiny of online gaming operations that attract its citizens.

Spectrum’s annual list of what it predicts as the most important trends in gaming states that this further scrutiny will be the second-most important influencer of gaming growth next year.

“In Asia, the online gaming industry – including the streaming of online games to China from the Philippines and Cambodia – will begin to face scrutiny from China and from international regulators,” the research house said in a press release announcing the list of 10 top trends.

The report forecasts changes to the Asian junket industry as some junkets position themselves as entertainment city operators.

“Others go out of business as the reliance on junkets diminishes in Macau and Macau continues to evolve as a mass and premium mass market,” it added.

On top of Spectrum’s trend list is more countries are seeking to develop entertainment city resorts. The report indicated that an increasing number of jurisdiction around the world, largely through a competitive bidding process to authorise integrated resorts, leveraging the gaming industry as an economic tool to achieve policy goals.

“Related to that, Japan will appoint a gaming oversight board and promulgate integrated resort regulations, and prefectures will position themselves to attract and be selected for integrated resort sites by the national government,” the report revealed.

Among other most important trends in the Spectrum list including the proliferation of legislation governing betting on sports in the United States and the expansion of European and Asian business-to-business sports betting and online gaming providers in the U.S., as they seek entry into an expanding market.

Spectrum Gaming Group is a Philadelphia-based consultancy that specialises in the economics, regulation and policy of legalised gaming worldwide.