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Inspiring talk - the "Enterprise Exchange" from experts

The first PAGE will set up an event of "Inspiring Talk" at the venue, openly providing industry experts, leaders and brand founder with a platform of sharing industry knowledge and technology, and new product launch. The event will be held every afternoon on July 12 - 14, the invited speakers will discuss and compare notes with professional audience; Let us look forward to and enjoy this "Super Brain SPA" from the entertainment industry!

Event Brief:

  • Who:

    Visitors are free to join, speaker must apply for speaking spot.

  • Where:

    Main Stage, PAGE

  • What:

    Give speech to public, sharing ideas (Tech Share), or launch new products.

  • When:

    2pm- 5pm, July 12-13 and 1pm-4pm, July 14. Each speaker will have 20-minutes time.

  • Why:

    PAGE brings 'Inspiring Talk' to all attendees where professionals can share ideas, experiences, expertise and new products.

  • Requirements:

    This is not a commercialized stage, products promotion is prohibited, products launch will be reviewed by organizer and judges panel first.

VIP Speakers

  • Day-Yang Liu (Chinese, Taiwan)

    Dr. Day-Yang Liu has been a professor of Graduate Institute of Finance at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology for 25 years. He has served as a University Chief of Staff for one and half years (2003~2005) and Department Chairman (1987-2001) at both Business Department and Finance Department. He currently also serve as director for both and commercial gaming and innovation and Entrepreneurship research center. His major teaching courses include Strategic Management, CEO on Strategy, Managerial Economics, Principle of Economics, Public Finance, Business and Government, Advanced Macroeconomics. His research interests are corporate governance and executive compensation, and Commercial Gaming, government subsidies on R & D, performance evaluation on R & D project, defaults or foreclosure on residential mortgage loans, faculty reward system, government revenue sharing, industrial policy and analysis, small-medium enterprises management, altruism, and CGE model, etc,.

    In general, His research interests are mainly empirical research over various interdisciplinary fields. His work has appeared in Journals such as Energy Sources: Plan B, American Journal of Economics and Sociology, International Journal of Product Management, Competitiveness Review, International Journal of Business, Journal of Property Finance, Journal of International Trade and Economics Development, System and Review, Asia-Pacific Review of Economics, Asia Culture and others etc., as well as four books.

    Dr Liu has been very active in conducting various research projects, not only sponsored by the National Science Council, but also by other government agencies (such as Ministry of Finance, Sports Affairs Council, Matsu County Government, Penghu County Government, R & D Commission, Taipei City Government), NPO and many research Institutions. The size of annual budgets pretty much dominate the entire college of faculty at school for many years. In addition, he also has presented papers at the various International Conferences numerous times over the years, including the one at the 95th National Tax Association Annual Conference at Orlando, Florida on November 2002.

    Besides regular teaching and research, he has completed in conducting more than 300 Master MBA, EMBA and MS Master Thesis, at NTUST and Other National Universities as well as ten completed Ph. D dissertations. In particular, most of EMBA master thesis is doing research on the business strategy by various industries. More than seven years ago, He had happened to attend the PCMPCL seminar from Harvard Business School as the first group of 70 senior faculties from greater China region with only 11 professors from Taiwan. Since then, He applied HBS case method in all EMBA and MBA class and He had taught strategic management course and finance courses all in English and in case method.

    In addition, he had been serving several committees for various government agencies and institutions, non-profit organizations, universities and colleges, and others, namely, The Executive Yuan, the Taipei city government, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of R & D Commission, National Council for Physical Fitness and Sports, and other Numerous Non-profit organizations and think tanks as well. He had been served as the Board of Directors for the Bank of Taipei (2002). Now, he is an adviser to the Mayor of Taipei and Taoyuan County Magistrate in Public Finance. Over the years, Dr. Liu has also completed more than 70 research projects for government agencies and various industries.

    In addition, he has been serving as the President of Tulane Alumni Association in Taiwan, with members more than 500 alumni for more than ten years and during the period 02/05/03~02/15/03, he had successfully led a delegation of the College of Management, NTUST with 22 faculty and graduate students to have an international exchange program with alma mater Tulane University A. B. Freeman School of Business sponsored by the Ministry of Education.

    Dr. Liu also has been regularly invited to attend various public hearings, roundtable discussions and other various occasions over different public policy issues by the mass media and various related agencies and institutions. All in all, he has made quite influential contributions over the years in the formation of government public policy. Furthermore, on 11/29/2008, he established a research center entitled “The Center for the Study of and Commercial Gaming” one and only research center of such a kind in Taiwan, to promote the legalization of commercial gaming industry, and casino in particular. Now he is working with a handful of adjunct scholars very closely to help both national government and local government to make Matsu outer island become a destination integrated resort.

  • Chang Bin Wang (Chinese, Macau)

    Dr. Wang Changbin focuses his research on gaming law and regulation, as well as antitrust law, etc. He has had four Monographs published, including Macao Gaming Law (The People’s Publishing House, 2013) and Major Issues of Macao’s Gaming Law (The People’s Publishing House, 2012), and numerous research articles in key academic journals. Before Joining MPI in 2009, Prof. Wang had worked in central government of Mainland China as a law expert. He was a member of drafting committee of Chinese Anti-Monopoly Law.

  • Guo Jing SU (Beijing, China)

    Su is the founder and chairman of Asian Responsible Gaming Alliance and China Industry Salon, the academic leader and professor of major of Beijing College of Social Administration, CEO of China Universal Kinglott Tech., Ltd., founder of the first think tank of China industry, expert nominated by the China Ministry of Civil Affairs and China Ministry of Finance, honorary advisor of Responsible Gaming Association of Macao and the Macao Gaming Information Association.

    He is a member of the China National Democratic Construction Association, and initiated “Siyuan Heart Fund”, a special national public fund under China Siyuan Project Fund for poverty alleviation, saving children under 14 with heart disease.

    Guojing Su has profound knowledge on Chinese laws and regulations, and conducts intensive study on international gaming and gaming industry in Macao. He participated in the initiating and revising of regulations in mainland China. As a keynote speaker, he has delivered many speeches and articles in various meetings such as seminars held by Macao Polytechnic Institute, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Tung Wah group of hospitals, University of Macau, Peking University, Beijing Normal University, Harvard University, University of Cambridge, AIG, BEACON, Macao responsible gaming Association,G2EAsia, MGS,etc.

    Mr. Su initiated, and jointly conducted with the magazine of《China Social Welfare》, to launch the national magazine in Aug 2009. Officially approved by the General Administration of Press and Publication of the People’s Republic of China, it is the very first publication distributed home and abroad for 60 years since the founding of China.

    Mr. Su initiated the national industry salon, which represents the voice of the companies in China industry and its annual gathering during the past 10years has become a grand meeting with national media coverage, as well as a platform for industry development.

Speakers Introduction

  • Speaker name: Alex Czajkowski

    Title: Consultant

    Brief Introduction:
    Alex was formerly CMO for international provider Real Time Gaming's Asia arm, RTG Asia, and also previously CMO for Gala Interactive, the third largest gaming operator in the UK. An award winning marketing director, Alex has been active in B2C igaming since 2002 in every major gaming jurisdiction including Gibraltar, Malta and Central America. Now located in Manila, he is focused on bringing AI-enabled chat bots into iGaming firms in Asia to improve player lifetime values.

    Company name:

    Topic title: Automating CRM

    "Automating CRM" goes through player acquisition and retention cycles to find opportunities, "moments of truth", where operators can pro-actively connect with players and increase conversion rates, retention rates, player satisfaction and player lifetime value. Leveraging AI-enabled chat bots, the technology exists today to service players in Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean… and over whatever the preferred channel is: direct on the website or mobile, through WeChat or FB messenger, etc. Being at the right place at the right time is essential for any success; here's how to do that during your players' journeys.

    Language of your speech: English

  • Speaker name: Eman Pulis

    Title: CEO

    Brief Introduction:
    Eman Pulis is the CEO and founder of SiGMA Group, best known for its events: SiGMA, Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit, and Medical Cannabiz World. The yearly SiGMA event is positioned at the cutting edge of a very competitive industry, and has evolved since 2014 to become the definitive iGaming showcase, operating on both a European and world stage.
    In 2019, Eman moved to a permanent base in Dubai allowing him to coordinate operations across both Asia and Europe, managing recently opened offices in Hong Kong, Dubai and Manila and overseeing the 2020 launch of SiGMA Manila and the Emirates A.I & Blockchain Summit.

    Company name: SiGMA

    Topic title: Bringing Blockchain and AI to iGaming. The Malta Model

    and human behavior have accompanied each other since the beginning of intelligent history, and with each new technological advancement come new trends and perspectives that shape the sector for the future. The European archipelago of Malta has been leading the way with iGaming, A.I. and blockchain, prompting global thought-leadership, legal frameworks, and a favorable business environment for innovators to thrive. With a synergy between these verticals, Malta, the Blockchain Island, together with SiGMA, the World's iGaming Village, are disrupting these sectors for a bright global future.

    Language of your speech: English

  • Speaker name: Meng Xin

    Title: Senior Solutions Engineer

    Brief Introduction:
    Meng Xin is a senior solutions engineer in Cloudflare Asia Pacific and graduated from the National University of Singapore. He has worked in well-known international companies such as Merrill Lynch and Singtel, specializing in server architecture, network architecture, website architecture and development design. Currently working at Cloudflare's Singapore headquarters, helping clients provide solutions for network security, optimization and overall architecture.

    Company name: Cloudflare

    Topic title: Modern DDoS and defense strategy

    From security vendor Cloudflare's senior solution engineers will explain the latest internet security challenges, the data and behavior patterns of DDoS attacks in the new era, and interpret the big data behind the attacks through examples. How to face the new era of DDoS and how to configure the best security strategy will be discussed.

    Language of your speech: Chinese


Date Time Duration Event Topic Guest
July 12 (Friday) 13:00 - 13:15 15 mins PAGE
'Inspiring Talk'
- Pagcor -
  • Overview Phlippines Gaming
  • Regulations, Policies
  • Application, Licensing
  • Advantages of Locating In The Philippines
Pagcor Representative
13:20 - 13:35 15 mins - Lee Chiu -
  • Why The Philippines?
  • Demographics
  • Real Estate Overview For Gaming Industry
  • Advantages of The Philippines
Mr. David Leechiu
13:40 - 13:55 15 mins - LGU -
  • Makati Experience
Atty. Don Camiña
14:00 - 14:40 40 mins Workshop Gaming Social Responsibilities Ms. Angelie C. Agustin
Senior Manager
Gaming Licensing & Dev. Dept.
Su GuoJing
Wang ChangBin
15:00 - 15:20 20 mins PAGE
'Inspiring Talk'
How To Facing The Security By Cloud Service? Oliver Wu
15:30 - 15:50 20 mins How Does Blockchain Reshape The Gaming Industry Lichun Hsiao
16:00 - 16:20 20 mins Marlon Umali
16:30 - 16:50 20 mins Automating CRM Alex Czajkowski
July 13 (Saturday) 13:30 - 13:50 20 mins PAGE
'Inspiring Talk'
Shai Brovender
14:00 - 14:20 20 mins Modern DDOS and Defensive strategy Xin Meng
14:25 - 14:45 20 mins Weaver Software and Corporate Management Wang Yang
14:55 - 15:35 40 mins Responsible Gaming: Development and Challenge Chancellor Liu
15:45 - 16:05 20 mins Bringing Blockchain and AI to iGaming - The Malta Model Eman Pulis
16:10 - 17:00 50 mins The Models and Practices of Responsible Gaming in the World Professor Wang
July 14 (Sunday) 13:00 - 14:00 60 mins PAGE
'Inspiring Talk'
Chinese 's Status and Trends Professor Su
14:10 - 14:40 30 mins Game of Thais: Mauy Thai and Local Sports Online Betting AJ Heng
(Muay Step)
14:50 - 15:20 30 mins Challenges & Opportunities for Indonesia Market Kirana Anawis
15:30 - 16:00 30 mins Corporate Automation Management Wang Yang

*All the possible changes are subjected to the organizing committee

Speaker privileges:

  • Unlimited access to Speaker's Room during show days;
  • Unlimited access to VIP Lounge during show days;
  • Complimentray F&B voucher for invited speakers;
  • The name of the speaker and the company profile will appear on the PAGE official website, visitor event guide and floor plan distributed onsite;

Note: Organizer is not able to pay for the guest speaker's travel expenses to and from PAGE and accommodation during the event.

If you are interested to be a speaker, please email:
Please state you are interested to speech at PAGE "Inspiring Talk".


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